1001 Blattgrün

1001 Blattgrün

1001 Blattgrün

Helps combat mouth and body odour

Don't be afraid to eat garlic and onions!

1001 Blattgrün helps in case of bad breath and unpleasant body odour:

  • e.g. after eating garlic, onions and other ingredients with a strong odour
  • after consuming alcohol
  • after heavy smoking

1001 Blattgrün works from the inside. It doesn't simply cover bad breath, but helps to prevent unpleasant odours.


Take 1-3 sugar coated tablets daily with a glass of water without chewing them


1 sugar-coated tablet 1001 Blattgrün contains: 21.0 mg chlorophyll copper and sodium salt (E141), colourants (E104, E131, E132) and further excipients.

This is a medicinal product. Please read the package insert.

Commercial packaging

Form Packages Category
1001 Blattgrün sugar-coated tablets Pack of 120 tablets D
1001 Blattgrün is available from pharmacies and drug stores without a prescription.