Rapid relief in the case of insect stings

Parapic provides rapid relief in the case of insect sting

  • Relieves pain and itching
  • Disinfects the sting site
  • Cools and calms the skin


Dab or spray the sting site with Parapic several times a day as required.
Only use on children under the age of two following advice from your doctor.


1 g liquid contains: 20 mg levomenthol, 10 mg mepyramine maleate, 12.5 mg cineole, 20 mg polidocanol 600, isopropyl alcohol.

This is a medicinal product. Please read the package insert.

Commercial packaging

Form Quantity Dispensing category
Roll-on 7.5 ml pack D
Spray 15 g pack D
Dab-on applicator 3 ml pack D
Parapic is available from pharmacies and drug stores without a prescription.